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SERENITY film productions is a London-based independent film company with its headquarters in picturesque Wapping. Our team creative produces, offers professional story engineering, and brings on skilled directing. We just finished creative production / line production  of our first feature film, and are currently in post of Rona's directorial feature debut. 


SERENITY 's strong suit is crafting mad music videos with fearless visuals that make your lyrics pop, films daring documentaries with and without reef sharks,  creates badass dialogue for gaming, and much more. 


SERENITY teams up with driven peeps who enjoy making movies and refuse to grow up. We collaborate with mad talent in front and behind the camera, with creative post production peers, and bring proficient MUAs, costume designers and prop-makers on board. SERENITY also works with award-winning animators, fearless D.O.P.s, multi-facetted score composers, and practical monster-creators. Prosthetic makers, puppeteering & animatronic puppetry - we are for real. 

RONA WALTER _ director / creative producer

Rona started her career in 2009 with a madly ambitious gothic-fairy-tale short film. She has since worked in music video in Germany, Italy and Australia, in documentary worldwide, online gaming and for the stage. 

In 2017 her coming-of-age horror short, STORY OF FRANK, was selected for many international festivals incl. screenings in Cannes and L.A.. Rona creative produced neo-noir feature film CLAY'S REDEMPTION, and is in post of her directorial feature debut TOXICA. 

She has an eye for style, unique and strong atmosphere, and brings production value to the screen.


The former ballerina is also  an award-winning novelist. In her early life Rona experienced countries all over the world as a work-and-travel bookseller. She has master degrees in 'English Literature & The Arts' and 'Ancient  History'. Originally from the Isle of Skye, she is of Scottish, Italian, Czech and Alaskan ancestry . 

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