SERENITY film productions _ the company

SERENITY film productions is a creative production company based in the UK, and was founded in 2018. 

SERENITY  has just shot two feature films back to back by reverse-engineering resources: 

urban fantasy thriller CLAY'S REDEMPTION (Tin Cowboys), which was first distributed Nov. 2020,
and action-horror-adventure, TOXICA. The latter wrapped right before the first COVID_19 lockdown in the UK and is currently in distribution. 

In 2017 our coming-of-age horror short, STORY OF FRANK, received several film awards, and was selected for many international festivals incl. screenings in Cannes and L.A.. It is accessible for streaming on Amazon Prime. 

SERENITY collaborates with award-winning animators, fearless D.O.P.s, multi-facetted score composers, and practical monster-creators, prop makers and puppeteers.


We love stories and worlds removed from our Uber-prominent reality, and advocate make-believe at all times to take audiences to places they have yet to discover. After all, that is what some movies are supposed to do. 


We are currently working on our follow-up feature film project.

RONA WALTER _ director / creative producer

Rona started her filmmaking career in 2009 with an ambitious scary-tale short film, and soon directed gothic music videos. After some years of camera work in wildlife documentary and writing for video games, she became a creative producer and director. She is responsible for the costumes and sets in feature film CLAY'S REDEMPTION (2020), as well as in her own directorial feature film debut, TOXICA. 

Rona has an eye for style, for creating a unique and strong atmosphere, and brings production value to the screen. She supports the independent filmmaking motto of "everything is possible" to create something remarkable. 


The former ballerina is also an award-winning author.
She has academic degrees in 'Literature & Romanticism' and 'Ancient History'. 

Originally from the Isle of Skye, Rona is of Scottish, Italian, Czech and Alaska Native ancestry. 

Rona is currently working on a graphic novel, a new book, and develops her next feature film project